About Membership

If you have you use the mail order Angelic Pretty Online Shop, you must be registered member.
Membership is free and does not require any annual fee, such as enrollment fee.
The Member’s, we have prepared a special offer variety.

  1. Eliminates the need to enter your destination information from the next time, speedy order is possible.
  2. Point that can be used in next order can accumulate when you do shopping.
    (3% is given as a point per (tax included) commodity price that is ordered, it can be used in the case of shopping for subsequent “1 point = 1 yen” point.)
  3. Latest information can be subscribed e-mail newsletter full of.
  4. And pre-sale of members only, will be invited to the secret sale.

Registration method

Membership registration, you can register frommember registration screen.
※ When minors wishes to purchase membership and registration on this site of the product, approval of the guardian is required.
※ Customers anti-spam measures are domain designated reception Sorry to trouble you, thank you for setting of angelicpretty.com] domain designated reception.

1.Click on the new member registration.

Please click “Login” from the top page top.

2.Confirmation of privacy policy

Please confirm the privacy policy, enter your e-mail address / password and click “Register” button.

3.Registration complete (input of customer information)

When the registration of the mail address and password is completed, the account dashboard is displayed and the member registration is completed. Please enjoy shopping.
On the account dashboard you can edit “Recent orders”, send items, password and account details.

How to use My Page

After registering as a member, you can make the following changes and confirmations with “My Page”.

  • Confirmation of order history
  • Change of member registration information
  • Add / change addressee
  • Confirm the points that you currently own
  • Unsubscribed

※”User name” of registration information can not be changed after you register once.