About Order

1.Look for products from the top page

It is convenient to receive and member register to are purchasing products on this site. Those who are interested in membership registration, please take the necessary procedure in the Membership of this place.

Please transition to the list of products from Item Category page or search, the goods enter the keyword search items from the left menu.

2.Look for a product from list of products

Please click the desired commodity List of products will be displayed.
The product details screen appears.

3.Check the color and size of the product, Add to Shopping Cart

Please click “Add to Cart” button on the color / size of your choice.
From this page, using encryption technology (SSL).

4.Confirmation of your order

Please proceed to process your purchase after confirming your order.

5.Input of customer information

Please enter required information specified customers, of the destination, specify the payment method, the specification of the delivery time, point of use specified, items of other inquiries.

The one that had registered as a member, please confirm information I have you registered to customer information or are reflected.

Please proceed to the confirmation screen by clicking the “Confirm” button if there is a problem with the content.

6.Please check your entry

Please check your entry. Please click “Order complete” button if there is no problem.

7.Order completion

Process of receiving the order is completed, automatic email delivery of order acceptance will be sent to the email address you have registered.

About Stock

We have set as follows stock online shop.

In Stock

There is the available stock of the Online Shop.
You click “Add to Cart” button, please proceed to the order screen as it is.

Order product

You can not order it Those who register for forwarding service. Please note.

No stock

It will be sold out in stock both Online Shop, a store.
And so we sold out in all stores, I can not prepare even if they ask it.

Check after the order

After completing your order, automatic delivery of mail order reception desk of the subject “[Angelic Pretty Online Shop] Thank you for your order” will be sent to the email address of the customer registration. This email is an important mail about your order.
Confirms it on, please save dealings until the completion of the contents.

We do not reach that there is a mistake in the e-mail address, or if your order does not complete successfully, please contact us from the Contact Form in this case.

Also, who is set domain designation received by such anti-spam measures, you may e-mail from us does not reach.
Sorry to trouble you, but I hope the setting of [angelicpretty.com] domain designated reception.
The contents of your order, you can check the “My Page” from the “purchase history list” in the Member’s.

About Bundling

Cannot be shipped processing. Please note that.

From order to delivery

1.Contact us for confirmation of your order
(Only customers who need to change or review the contents of the ※ automatic email delivery)

After I was allowed to confirm your order in the automatic delivery of e-mail in normal Angelic Pretty Online Shop, I will enter into the preparation of the product out one by one.
Only if there is a need, such as a confirmation of your request and if by any chance, out of stock, there is a case where I am allowed to contact you by e-mail or phone within four business days from the date of order.

2.Notice of shipment

Product will be shipped in 1-5 business days I received your order.
The shipment of the product If you have completed, we will send you an email with the subject line “Notice of Angelic Pretty Online Shop] order product shipment” which describes the contact numbers of baggage.
Please wait until the arrival to the product.

Original print at the time of sale or weekend, your order will very crowded event held at the time and so on.
If your order has been busy, please understand beforehand because there is a case to receive the time than usual to ship.