About Point System

Customers who made ​​a member registration in our store, can be available point of service.

I will grant the point three percent product price had you order of (tax).
After the final point, available as “1 point = 1 yen” from an order next time.

In addition, products and SALE products and product planning, etc. Sale to handle, is not available to reservations and build-to-order manufacturing product.
Please note we will fix if you want I confirm your order, it has been used a point.

※Points will be granted at the time of product shipment.
※History of the point, you can check your order history of “My Page”.
※The point rate reduction, if the point campaigns, etc. for each product, subject to change, too.
※It is available only to a point product price without tax. (Not available postage, the fee.)

How to use point

You can choose to feel free to “and whether or not to use” you and “whether to use what point” in the window at the time of the order of “customer information input”.
Because you can find at one point unit, please use from the point possession.

Point Expiration Date

Expiration date of the point is not.
※ If you have lost membership, point is invalid.


You can not change, the cancellation of the number of points after the final point giving.
If after applying the point, the return of goods that have been purchased, there is any other reason that our cancellation and other revoke the grant of point deems appropriate, we will request a separate point fraction was used.
If cancellation occurs in the order that you point use, point I will return.