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This site is the Official Online Shop of the Angelic Pretty Co. Boutique is run by. In the same way as retail stores, we offer on-line a very cute items and clothes. Because available 24 hours a day, please feel free to use it!

Please use it after I read the shopping guide before it is using this site, we receive your consent. In addition, our store, that it may change without notice the contents of this site, please acknowledge beforehand.

About Membership

If you have you use the mail order Angelic Pretty Online Shop, you must be registered member. Membership is free and does not require any annual fee, such as enrollment fee. The Member’s, we have prepared a special offer variety.

  1. Eliminates the need to enter your destination information from the next time, speedy order is possible.
  2. Point that can be used in next order can accumulate when you do shopping.
    (3% is given as a point per (tax included) commodity price that is ordered, it can be used in the case of shopping for subsequent “1 point = 1 yen” point.)
  3. Latest information can be subscribed e-mail newsletter full of.
  4. Pre-sale of members-only, and then invite you to secret sale.

Please see About Membership for more information.

About Contact

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us send us your questions using the form below if you are I have you check the frequently asked questions at a time , this does not solve the problem.

If you can not use the mail form by the PC environment , please send directly to We ask that you please enter your name in the body , a : (inquiry example ) I help in the subject line always. Since I can not do reply to e-mail without your name and subject , please forgive.

Among Guest you contact us from a mobile , customers under .. the mail without a subject will come in particular, because of spam increase , e-mail to the long and complex address , from the free address ” matter nameless ” to the contents we will be deleted without checking . Thank you for your input in the subject line in case. Certainly contact.

In addition , impersonation order , so we are more , I ask to be able to fill all means both ” Name ” and ” Order number ” etc. in case the change of the order and content with questions regarding your order . Or please send it to leave the body the mail was sent from us.

I am sorry to the mail ( such as ” I’d like a cancellation “) have been described e-mail that is not available for input , only the business but I am afraid that I can not support.

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Please contact us from the inquiry form.

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